Photoshop Batch

What if you have a Project and there is demands to make 1000 thumbnails maybe more! What can you do?!

The Answer, is by using Photoshop Batch!

This great feature can help you to create all the the resized Photos or thumbnails you want with almost no effort!

Preparing Your Images

Start off by putting all the images that you want to resize in a separate folder (This folder will be your source folder).

Choose an image

Start Photoshop (here we are using PS CS5 for this tutorial) and choose an image (FILE > OPEN)

Choose an Action

Next, click on Photoshop Window (this one is at the top of your PS navigation bar) and choose Actions (WINDOW > ACTIONS)

Create a New Action

Creat a new action as shown in the below figure, Name your action, to do this click on the (Create New Action) ICON, in the below figure it is inside a Red circle, for example we named ours 400x600 (to indicate the new images size and make it easy to remember in the future)but you can name yours anything you need to!
Leave rest of the options as appeared by default, and click Record, (CREATE ACTION ICON > RECORD)

Recording your Action

From now on all your actions are Recorded, so the next step is to Resize your current image to the dimensions you want and once your done click OK,

Save your Image

Save the new Resized Image to complete your actions (Recording), to do this click on File and choose save for web and devices,

A new window should appear (like the One in the figure below) Save your image and then click the stop recording option (the square next to the Red circle recording option), (SAVE > STOP Recording)

Batching and resizing mass number of Images

From File choose Automate and click on Batch as shown below

A new window should appear (like the One in the below figure) the the Window find the Play area, there choose the Action (here we choosen 400x600), then the Source Folder where the Original Images are located and finaly the Destination folder where the new Resized Images be saved. And Click OK, the Photoshop will open each image in the source folder and resize them, once your done check your (Destination Folder) for the new resized images.
(avoid having the same folder for destination and source or else the new images might replace the orginal ones)

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